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The purpose of this project is to make loyal TV series viewers aware of their rights. This was a group project where I was assigned the role of the media producer, which i had the right to choose. My input in the project is animating the objects in the video below.

Media design


COIL Course

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The COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) Course took place in the last year of my bachelor study. The course was a collaboration of students from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and the State University of New York. I was working in a group of four students: two from the Dutch side and two from the American side and the communication was online mainly through Skype and Facebook In the end we delivered a new web design for the official COIL webpage.



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This is project I had the pleasure to do during my minor at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. I decided to show it, because first it was a completely individual assignment, and second i managed to learn and practice new skills. I used different effects and footage from three different devices: big professional video camera, go pro, and a drone.


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