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Project Ara

Posted on Dec 12, 2014 by Veronika Bikova



Why this topic?


I am pretty sure that I am neither the first nor the last person blogging about the Ara Project. Since I am interested in new technology in its very general meaning, I find Motorola’s Project Ara very appealing and intriguing. In addition, I must warn the readers that I am not an engineer, but I do admire the idea behind this project. That is why I think it deserves attention and couple of words from people with different professional backgrounds.


Whenever the topic about technology pops up in a random conversation I am taking part in, there is always a moment dedicated to the Project Ara. I notice during these conversations that some people are aware and some are not, which is normal when we are talking about a product which is not even on the market yet. So consequently, I have decided to spread some lines about this particular topic. For some readers this might be information that they already know and for some it might turn out to be new.


How did it start?


What is the essence?


Ara phones are planned to be there simply to serve the consumer better. Meaning, a consumer gets the modular phone circuit board where slots for the different blocks are located. There are also modules serving different purpose – for example display, speakers, battery, etc. The idea behind is that users will be able to swap modules that do not work anymore, get damaged, or to just redesign their own phone. The operating system will be Android respectively, which is logical since Google stands behind the whole project. The producers have already planned the costs that the users will be dealing with and that would be US$50 per starter kit which includes a frame, display, battery, low-end CPU, and WiFi. In case consumers want to buy more or exchange modules, such will be available for US$15. But who are they actually targeting? And here is the answer:


“In fact they are targeting the 5 billion people who don’t yet have a smart phone”

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